9 responses to “Make your own Neutrogena Skin iD off the shelf for half the price”

  1. cassy

    omg i have the sme number are they all that ???????????????????

  2. Laila

    mine are the same too …

  3. Mojo

    mine are the same too!

  4. Pink

    Mine are the same too-14, 32, 38!

  5. michelle

    I also have the same number thing haha, thank for the other products that are similar to the ones in skin id. I’m running to walmart now .. lmaoo

  6. jess

    ii have that same number, does the one you got off the shelf do anything for blackheads?
    p.s. im 13

  7. Christie

    The Acne Stress Control Salicylic Acid Gel works really well too – especially for winter months when the benzoyl treatment dries your skin. I’ve canceled my skin ID account because they wouldn’t let me control how often I bought it and just like you said — you don’t run out of all the products at the same time. To me its wasteful to be purchasing something when I do not need it at that time.

    I’ve transferred most of my products to clinique now too — although they are expensive its really great on my super-easily-to-breakout-skin. If skinID had a better buying system I would have stuck with them.

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